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More than a chance to get together, corporate events are an opportunity to connect with the people you spend most of your time with. They provide opportunities to celebrate, foster collaboration, build culture and boost morale. Comestibles have an old and special relationship with the Perth business community. Each year we are involved in planning corporate events that cater to over one thousand of the decisive working lunches, breakfast meetings, seminars, conferences, and ceremonies that take place across the city.


Whether you are planning a corporate event in Perth for two or two thousand, it is our pleasure to assist you in any way we can. Be it through catering, event management or design; our job is to make it simple for you to welcome your guests in the true spirit of hospitality. We’ve done our job when the craft of what we do is invisible, and your event lets you shine. We provide you with the opportunity to welcome and impress personnel and stakeholders with outstanding attention to detail. In summary, as your corporate events caterer and planner, we think of everything.


We work with you and provide our corporate events services in ways that reflect your business and prioritise your guest’s experience. We start with a conversation in the early stages of the process in which we try to understand your business, your objectives for the event, and the people who will be attending. With this knowledge, we can tailor your event experience in every detail, from the boardroom to the ballroom. Our experience within the Perth business community provides us with an understanding of many individuals and organisations so that we can assist in catering to their preferences.


We work alongside you to create events that are a perfect fit for you and your company – and deliver an outstanding experience for your guests. Planning your event is a conversation. We want to understand your company and what you desire from the occasion. Your values, your concerns, your tastes, your budget. We ask, what will best reflect you? What do you want to achieve with your event? Then we curate a collection of services to create an event experience – unique to you.


Our team of corporate event planners are trained to orchestrate, or to assist with, any professional catering scenario. The more we work together, the more our team becomes an extension of your own, making each event more seamless to put together and execute than the last. We emphasise quality, consistency and professionalism – creatively preparing superior food and managing your event so that you have the freedom to do business. Our ever-expanding enterprise has the experience and the capacity to accommodate corporate events designed to host any number of guests. With a host of deluxe suppliers and a team of excellent staff, it is our pleasure to cater for two of your associates or two hundred.


Strong partnerships, a wealth of experience and natural flair combine to
ensure that the Comestibles team can cater to all tastes, accommodate all
requests and tastefully personalise every aspect of your event…


Distinctive food, light or indulgent; we work with you to create a menu suited to the mood, prepared by highly qualified chefs and paired with your selection of beverages…


In close consultation with you, we formulate a concept to be managed within your budget, then proceed with all of the behind-the-scenes preparation…


We customise everything to suit your style and concept, handling floral arrangements, colour coordination and even the slightest decorative touches…


We would love to hear from you

Connect with us at your convenience – we look forward to counting you
among those who have afforded us the opportunity to impress.