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To us, food is not a product that can be picked from a list, but an experience that should work in unison with the occasion. Through careful menu and beverage selection, as well as properly briefed staff, we take great care to provide for the little things which make your event unique. Our approach to catering for events puts you and your guests first in every detail. From weddings and private events to corporate events, there is an art to entertaining that Comestibles has been refining over decades.


In close consultation with you, we compose a menu that will impress, nourish and inspire your guests. Once we understand the ins and outs of your event and what you feel will be important to your guests, our caterers create a menu that considers the timing, size, texture and flavour of every item to provide you with the best catering Perth has to offer.


A drink is not just a drink. Once your menu has struck the right note, we curate a beverage selection to match the flavour of the food and the spirit of the occasion. Flexibility is the foundation of what we do, so if you have any personal preferences, or you’d like a favourite beverage tucked away we are more than happy to accommodate. We are also fully licensed, and all staff hold a current and accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate (RSA).


So much rests on the dependability of a team of passionate and professional service staff. Whatever the occasion, Comestibles is ready with a family of composed catering experts who have been exposed to numerous events across Perth, and the quality of their service reflects that. We are always paying attention, reading the room and ready to respond to guests needs. The real flair goes unseen, and that’s the point – from concept management to food preparation and seamless delivery, we’re most satisfied with our execution if its effects are felt and appreciated, its orchestration implied but its workings invisible.


We organise any equipment that might be needed so that you can enjoy our restaurant-quality food and service, whether you be in Perth or outside the city limits.


Certain events involve a degree of organisational complexity, and in that regard, Comestibles acts as the stagehand to your performance. We take responsibility for the preparation and transport of your food, drinks and equipment to your venue.


Strong partnerships, a wealth of experience and natural flair combine to
ensure that the Comestibles team can cater to all tastes, accommodate all
requests and tastefully personalise every aspect of your event…


In league with our renowned and discerning suppliers, Comestibles is equipped to play the role of organiser and manage everything your event requires on-site.


There’s more to the design of an event than beautiful decorations. At Comestibles, we go beyond the visual and plan for the whole experience.


There are many elements to an event, if the service or product you need is not listed here, we probably know someone who can. We can discuss your requirements over the phone or you could fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


We would love to hear from you

Connect with us at your convenience – we look forward to counting you
among those who have afforded us the opportunity to impress.