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There’s more to the design of an event than beautiful decorations.  At Comestibles, we go beyond the visual and plan for the whole experience.  What your guests feel, hear, smell, and taste, how they move through the event,we consider all of these elements as well as the decorative touches.


Maybe you don’t need an all-encompassing experience.  Maybe you just want to know that all of the basics are being taken care of.  Things like the furniture, crockery, cutlery, and glassware.  We tailor every event to fit you and your guests, taking care of as much or as little as you need.


At Comestibles, we create events to reflect and express the intricacies of the individuals and brands hosting them.  If you have a particular theme or style of décor in mind, or you’d like your brand  r colour scheme integrated throughout the event, we’ll bring your vision to life.  Below you’ll see a summary of all the things we can organise for you.  While we think of every element of your event,  ruly elaborate decorations are best left in the hands of professional stylists.  In our experience, they can dedicate the time needed to execute complex and custom made ideas.  If this is the case, we are more than happy to recommend a great stylist or collaborate with whoever you choose.


Atmosphere is the binding agent of any event. It brings the details together in the moment and keeps them neat in memory. At Comestibles, we rely on conversation, with yourself and key people involved so that we can decide the best way to help create the tone of your event.

Crockery, Cutlery & Glassware

A multisensory experience is essential to the Comestibles experience. Every event has a different style and tone, and we have a selection of tableware to suit the style and setting.

Furniture: Distinctive, refined, and above all comfortable – from tables and chairs to occasional furniture, our team of wedding and event stylists in Perth will find the right options and conduct event styling to complement your overall aesthetic.

Linen: Quality linens are a vital component in the experience of our events, bringing visual impact, comfort, texture and defining character to each. We can supply tablecloths, chair covers and napkins to emphasise and complement other decorations at your event.

Floral Arrangements: Our experienced decorators collaborate with you to produce striking and original floral arrangements and colour coordination, whether it be styling a corporate event, or wedding.

Table Decorations: Candles are a given, but we can also organise additional decorations to help bring your theme to life.

Cushions & Rugs: These subtle touches help to reinforce a theme or your brand colours as well as keeping your guests comfortable.

From invites to signs, seating plans, and place cards, we can assist you with the design and printing of it all.

Lighting: has a tremendous impact on the atmosphere of your event and the mood of your guests. For a truly seamless experience, we can provide bespoke lighting solutions to suit your vision.

Audio: Whether you have presentations, speeches, or music you want everyone to hear, we can provide a suitable sound system for your venue to make sure no-one misses a beat. We also manage our services to avoid any interference during the moments this equipment is in use.

Visual: We can provide projectors and screens for presentations

Marquee: Marquees and temporary structures are crucial to creating a welcoming environment for outdoor events.

Dance floor: Often the heart of the party, a safe and stylish Dance floor helps everyone know where to congregate when the music starts. We can organise where yours should be, how big it should be, and its set-up.

Staging: Whether you are hosting an award ceremony or live entertainment, we can organise the construction of a stage, as well as the necessary equipment.

Draping & BackdropsWe plan, source, and implement backdrops and draping to meet your theme, create more intimacy in a space, or create a dramatic focal point.


To us, food is not a product that can be picked from a list, but an experience that should work in unison with the occasion.


In league with our renowned and discerning suppliers, Comestibles is equipped to play the role of organiser and manage everything your event requires on-site.


There are many elements to an event, if the service or product you need is not listed here, we may be able to assist you or know someone who can. We can discuss your requirements over the phone or you could fill out the and we will be in touch.


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