Maximising Event Success

Small Tips on Perfecting The Art of Entertaining

How to maximise the success of your next event

Planning an event can be one of the most daunting experiences in the business world. Building an engaging, well-attended, well-received, smooth-operating experience can be a monumental task, but there are a few ground rules to follow designed to maximise your success.

Comestibles is an expert in the art of entertaining – so who better to share those rules? Read on for some small ways you can shape, smooth and simplify an event experience for your guests.

Make the guest list available to attendees

If you’ve ever had Facebook, you’ll know how reassuring it is to see a few familiar faces on the guest list of an event. Corporate events are no exception – if you can make the guest list available to attendees, you should! Guests feel immediately more comfortable attending events alongside their peers. That’s why a transparent guest list is a powerful way to increase attendance.

Create a story about the experience

What benefit does this event bring to your guest? Figure that out, then build a narrative around it. There’s plenty of room for creativity in event invitations, web content and attendee emails – these are the platforms you can use to build excitement and engagement for what’s to come. You can also take a look at your business’s competitive advantage – how can you blend it seamlessly with the event? How can you further the story of your industry?

Advise guests about what’s on offer

Have you ever been getting ready for an event and suddenly realised you don’t know whether it will be held inside or outside? Whether food is provided or not? Or what time it ends, so you can organise a ride home? It seems these concerns never crop up until the last minute. For as little friction as possible, give your guests as much information as possible. This allows them to prepare for and plan the course of their day – and also clears the way for a positive event experience.

Be timely to stay engaging

An event should entice guests with more than just a big-name speaker or the opportunity to network. Consider what your industry is currently buzzing about. Are there any trends on the rise, any challenges that need addressing? By creating a time-sensitive event, your guests will be more engaged at a personal level.

Leverage respected brands

If you’re partnering with a well-respected vendor or brand – use it to your advantage! Our clients let their guests know they are stepping into a Comestibles event. That helps to offset any possible perception that the catering will be standard fare and builds excitement in the same breath. You’d be surprised just how much established brands and vendors with a big regional footprint can help to build a buzz.

Match the event purpose to the guest list

Be sure to define the purpose of your event – because an event without a purpose is a ship without a rudder. When doing so, try to match the event purpose to the goals of your guests and structure the day (or night) around it. Do your guests primarily want to network? Make sure to leave plenty of time for mingling. Do they primarily want to learn? Minimise the mingling time and maximise the keynote. It seems simple, but it’s often missed!

Check to see if it conflicts with other major events

This is a big one! When planning an event, we can often be so focused on our own arrangements we pay little attention to the social background noise. Chat with industry suppliers, vendors and event planners to determine whether your event will conflict with other major goings-on. Whether it’s a rival conference or a sports game, you’ll want to avoid a clash.

Have an event kit

This tip is straight from event planners themselves: assemble an event kit and have it available on the day. An event kit can include pretty much everything you might need for the duration of the event: cable ties, empty USBs, glue, tape, tools, bottle openers, hi-vis vests, pens, markers, Panadol and phone chargers of every variety! The event kit should also include some type of portable music device with a completely failsafe-playlist that will keep everyone happy – cafe jazz, for example.

Know your dietary requirements and prioritise inclusive catering

Fundamental to Comestibles event management is the idea of inclusive catering. You can never assume a ‘standard’ menu, regardless of the size of your event. By determining dietary needs long before the catering process begins, you can be sure everyone will have something to eat – vegan, halal, kosher, nut-free, gluten-free or otherwise!

Comestibles is a bespoke catering and events service offering unrivalled corporate and private events experiences throughout Perth. If you’re looking to maximise the success of your next event and provide intimate follow-up connections for your guests, reach out to Comestibles – we would love to hear from you!